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Helping Find a Cure for Sanfilippo Syndrome

Sanfilippo Syndrome, or Mucopolysaccharidosis IIIA (MPS-IIIA) is a genetic lysosomal storage disease (LSD) caused by the body’s inability to produce the enzyme Heparan N-sulfatase. The body uses the enzyme to...Read More

About the Abby Grace Foundation

About Us

The Abby Grace Foundation remains HOPEFUL for a CURE for Sanfilippo Syndrome. There is currently no cure or even a treatment for this always fatal disease.

There is exciting research on the horizon for children born with Sanfilippo Syndrome. A Clinical Trial treating a small number of children began at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio in the spring of 2016. The Abby Grace Foundation, along with many other family-formed foundations, helped support the funding of the Gene Therapy Clinical Trial.

While we must wait for results of the trial, we overwhelmingly feel a sense of urgency to support other potential research.  We will continue fighting to cure Sanfilippo Syndrome for our daughter Abby Grace and the many other children born with this devastating disease.

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